Aliyeva Mehriban

First Lady of Azerbaijan
President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation
Chairperson of National-Cultural Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan

In 2007 I already had the chance to welcome "Europe" to the European Gymnastic Championships in Baku. What an experience would it be to welcome the Olympic family in 2016? All Azerbaijanian would be proud. And I can promise you from my experience from the 2007 Championships we would be perfect host. I personally welcome the world to Baku!

Minister Abulfez Garayev

Minister for Culture and Tourism

It would be a great honour for Azerbaijan to show typical Azeri hospitalty and to roll out the red carpet to the Olympic Family and all participants in 2016.

Jeyhun Gurbanzade


It is a great honour for me to do my share and create a cultural interpretation of Baku's Bid for Olympic Games 2016. I wanted to combine the modern and the ancient Azerbaijan in my illustration. With that bid we can show the whole world that Azerbaijan's citizens are open-minded and very tolerant. That we are proud of our history but also have visions, which will improve our lives.

The artist explains his work:

Two figures build the centre of the picture in the style of the Gobustan paintings. These are rock engravings, from the 8th millennium BC, depicting hunting scenes, people, ships, constellations, animals, etc. Gobustan's consecration in the world stage arrived in 2007, when UNESCO included the 'Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape' in the World Heritage list.
The two figures allegorize a young boy and a young girl – the youth of Azerbaijan. The girl has in her hand the Olympic torch and the boy a bow. In the back is the Maiden Tower, the symbol of the Old City of Baku placed. The boat below the figures carries them through life into a golden future. The usage of national colours round up the cultural interpretation.