5th April 2008

Magomedkhan Aratsilov: We have potential to win gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games

“The sportsmen did well at the exam. The tournament showed that our team has potential to win gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games,” said Magomedkhan Aratsilov, head coach of Azerbaijan’s national freestyle wrestling team that ended competing in the European championship in Tampere, Finland.
Emin Azizov (66 kg), who won bronze medal in the championship and got chance to participate in Beijing Olympic Games, expressed his joy. “I had a success in the championship. Fight with Armenian wrestler was more crucial and I won. I am grateful to my first trainers and Aratsilov,” he said. Chamsulvara Chamsulvarayev said he had great expectations from the Olympic Games. “We performed very well. We could also win gold and silver medals. We will have much better results in the forthcoming Olympic Games. I believe that everything will be good in Beijing,” he said.